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Death Awaits Death Awaits

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The reason i gave you 4/5 instead of the 5/5 is the following:

((forgive spelling mistakes please hehehe!))
everything is very detailed and perfectly executed however if we look at it anatomically shes a lill short yet fat? its like shes being pushed down twice as hard by the gravity of earth instead of a normal persone, not really sure how to explain but i hope you understand the picture im trying to describe! short and plump like if you shortend her body length but not adjusted her width. this could also be due to her hip armor (cause ofcourse im not sure if its padded or just laying ontop of her hips adding more width).

also last point i feel like theres something wrong with her eye, the look shes giving gives me the impression theres something off with eye placement (could also just be the shadow thats throwing me off!)

Nevertheless with all this said! very nicely done! great artwork hope seeing more of your work here!
Sincerly a new fan! ;) haha!

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Randombarimen responds:

Thanks for the great feed back. I do know what you mean that a few things just seem a little off. This was a very difficult task to over come for me. My greatest challenge in drawing are female characters. I do understand she looks bulky but I was compensating for the thickness of all that gear she has on. I will continue to push forward and make my weaknesses into strengths!

Jonas brothers Jonas brothers

Rated 4 / 5 stars


this is not really mature if you ask me this would fall under (E) everyone our (T) teens at the highest m8!

further more if you done it yourself its pretty decent so iven though i cant stand the jonas brothers im just gonna rate the overal picture and the artwork and thats a solid 8 in my book!

msg2007 responds:

lol no i did not draw the piece i knew people dont like the jonas brothers , ep on this site, its like a no no, but it is part of a product design like for a toy... no i did not draw the picture ect,. its an altered photo