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Theme Hotel Theme Hotel

Rated 4 / 5 stars

great game!

The reason i gave this game a 8/10

is generally about couple of reasons (not trying to deminish your hard work cause the game is absolutely great but I think you can do iven better!)
1. After a while iven with the new rooms it gets boring (once you get the hang of it, it plays by it's self mayby add suprise events? like a health inspector that comes to check in? our a lightning storm that destroys a room, accidents anything to keep the risk of it getting dull halfway through)
2. I saw one other post saying the same thing? why do only singles enter? are there no kids,families or couples? (perhaps im lookin for to much though so dont take number 2 too serious!)
3. About 2/3 star you should lower the money atleast in my experience you started to earn way to much (yes the costs of buildings increase but if you play the game at speed 4x and you have everything figured out you make to much xD)
4. When the game is finished perhaps add challange mode? (cause i dont see the point in building up and up and up and up, since i alreadie expanded to the max left and right)
5. make sure the loan gets a decrease button to instead of only increasing!

and now for some ass kissing xD hahahaha
i really did enjoy the game and like i said you all did a great job!
so still a top game! and a well deserved 8/10
keep it up!

basically thats it if you ask me.
peace out lads and gals.

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